Kingdom Association of Convenant Pastors

To Our Pastors

This winter has been especially brutal. Many of our churches have felt the strain of trying to have service when the elements seemed determined to stop us. Last Sunday our sidewalks were covered with snow and our streets were icy. Churches felt the pinch; yet some weathered the elements just to be in the house of God and share in the experience. Though our coffers are feeling the pinch, let’s not forget it is the experience that so many are seeking.

We constantly hear how Christianity is in trouble, and that people are leaving the church, but these bad weather days have reminded us that people do want to be in church and they do love the Christ who changed their lives. I really believe we are called to advance the Kingdom like never before. Our people really want a vital encounter with the Lord. Sunday is their day to be with the God who changed their lives, and events like these help persons to see how important their worship really is.

God knows the weather has been bad, do not be discouraged, do God’s will and the rest will fall into place. Remember, “Be anxious for nothing, but in prayer…” Don’t let the situation rob you of that promise. We will talk to God.

We are starting the registration for the KACP conference in July. We are looking for busloads from our churches to attend, as we celebrate our years of witness and chart the progress for the future. Our theme this year is “Dreaming Big Dreams,” and we have put together a time that will be rich and rewarding. We want you to arrive in Baltimore on Sunday night, July 19th or Monday morning, July 20th, as events start on Monday morning. There will be a golf classic that morning and then our 10 Year Reflection Reception that evening.Tickets are limited so please register to be in attendance. We will start the seminars on Tuesday morning and I will bring the message that evening. All day Wednesday we will have dynamic sessions for leaders, singers, preachers, pastors, and staff and we will close out that night with powerful preaching. It is really going to be an engaging event, and I am sure you will not want to miss what will transpire. Registration will begin in two weeks.  Let’s bring everybody to the conference. See you soon!

Thank you, 
Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr.
& the Executive Council Members


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