Kingdom Association of Convenant Pastors

In just a few weeks we will gather for the 10th Anniversary of KACP! I must admit I am excited about seeing each of you and hearing the stories of your churches' growth and transitions over the past 10 years. It seems like just yesterday we gathered at the Baltimore Arena to inaugurate our organization. Now our churches are stronger, our pastors are better prepared, and we are making advances for the kingdom.

We are known as a fellowship that trains and develops; that is our strength and our focus. We develop churches and church leaders to model the kingdom and to be strong, evangelistic centers calling people to life in Christ. Each year, men and women seek out our fellowship to become better in the office God has assigned them. I hope you have already made your plans to be in Baltimore to share this awesome time together. Our theme is “Dreaming Big Dreams!” and each church is going to be stretched as we look at what is possible for us to do. We will look at finances, worship, ministry and leadership, so plan to join us for this special time. 

Monday will open with a Golf Tournament; it is almost fully booked, so reserve your spot now! We will also host a 10th Anniversary Gala Reception on Monday. Tickets are available here; only a limited number are available, so plan to be in the number for a great evening. We start work on Tuesday morning with major sessions and workshops, and then on Tuesday night, Bishop’s Night, we will hold an awesome worship service. We hope to pack the church that night and let the saints know we are in the house.  On Wednesday, we will share classes and workshops during the day and Dr. Gina Stewart will close the conference for us that night.

We are a great organization encouraging the hearts of many. I know these are difficult times, but in this fellowship you find support and have the opportunity to meet others who are doing big things. Sign up today and get ready to start Dreaming Big Dreams!

To Our Pastors

This has been a trying time for those of us who live in Baltimore. In fact, our problems have opened the wound that many have in other cities. It is the wound of feeling excluded from the fulfillment of the American dream and it is made clear to us each day in the way we are dealt with by the police. The problem in our city erupted over the death of a 25-year-old African American male. As if we had not seen this movie in theaters across the country, now it had come to our city to play out for all to see. One moment, a young man was standing on a corner healthy, and, after an encounter with the police, he was hospitalized with injuries from which he later died. The Medical Examiner ruled his death a homicide.

Last week, following his funeral, our city erupted in riot and chaos. Stores were looted and some were even burned. It was a terrible time in our city. A State of Emergency was declared, troops were stationed, and the governor set up office in the city. Yet, the unrest was not quelled by a show of force, it was managed by elected officials, like Congressman Elijah Cummins, and clergy, who said we feel your pain and will listen and carry your message. The clergy rallied over 500 strong to lift our voices, and, on Thursday night, we petitioned God to "save our city and give us another chance." Indeed, God heard our cry. On Friday morning, the State Attorney's statement turned us from a city on the brink to a city on a hill. Today, our Mayor announced changes that are being made and efforts that will make our city more open and more united.

We have a long way to go, so pray for our strength in the Lord and pray for the communities that are hoping for serious change.

Let me also thank each and every one of you for your encouragement during the 40th Anniversary celebration. It seems so strange to talk about 40 years of ministry, yet that is what God has given. I enjoy this service and I enjoy watching persons reach their potential and experiencing the joy attached to that.

We, too, are celebrating a great moment-10 years of witness for KACP. When the pastors and leaders came together to form this organization a little over 10 years ago we had no idea that we would be putting a stamp on a ministry of excellence that so many others would seek to emulate. Through the crises of the past years, our churches have been able to navigate the stressors and keep their churches open for those who need a word from the Lord. That is a mission of KACP; we seek to develop strong leadership and healthy practices that empower churches to be bright lights in the kingdom.

This year's conference will highlight this effort; our theme is "Dreaming Big Dreams!" I really believe that the church is called to get out of the box and do what others only talk about. It has been said that the church lags society by at least 20 years, but what we are advancing is the idea that we need to set the trend and call for others to follow. Our conference will start on Monday, first with a Golf Tournament and then in the evening we will have our 10th Anniversary Reception right here at New Psalmist. Tuesday and Wednesday will be jam-packed with useful information that will help each church rise to new levels. I will preach Tuesday night and Dr. Gina Stewart will preach Wednesday night. You have to be here, as it will revolutionize your church! Pastors, leaders, and members are all invited. The registration form is on the website. Register Now!

I am excited about what will be happening, so plan now to be a part of this major move of God.

To Our Pastors

The winter is past and we are coming out from the thaw. Spring is now here and it is time to energize and engage the church in life changing witness. To that end we are preparing for a great 10th Anniversary Kingdom Association Conference July 20th-22nd. Our theme is "Dreaming Big Dreams!" Our churches are ready to move forward with ideas and goals that will make a difference in the lives of people. Traditionalism has its place, while contemporary ideologies are relevant for this age, yet I believe God is birthing big dreams that are beyond the confines of tradition and out of the box for contemporary. We will explore these big dreams and I think they will resonate with each of you.

This year's conference celebrates the big dream KACP. We started this group of pastors and churches believing in God that a new season of faith was emerging. Over the years our churches and pastors have been strengthened and taught how to let God breathe new life into the ministry. We have grown in number and our churches are known for being trendsetting and cutting edge. Our understanding of faith is getting a wider reach and people are coming to Christ.

We want this year's conference to express a big idea. We are having a 10th year reception on Monday night and a golf tournament Monday afternoon. You can register for both of these on the registration form. Tuesday and Wednesday will be full days of study with powerful plenary sessions and awesome night worship. We are looking forward to a 300 voice choir composed of members from our churches. I will preach on Tuesday night and Dr. Gina Stewart will bless us on Wednesday night. We have classes for pastors, associates, leaders, worship arts, and pastors’ wives. It will be a time of learning and sharing. Each day we will host "Tribal Chats" for each church. The church and their delegation will meet to discuss the topic shared and how it can impact the ministry. This is new, but will be provocative.

I hope you and your church will be in Baltimore for this special event. People will be coming from all over and I want everyone to see just how strong we are. Register your church as a block early so we can plan for those coming. The flier and registration forms are attached so you can sign up for the event now. Join us on social media to encourage others to be a part of this great experience.

Let me now change the topic to the awesome realities we are living. Once again shots have rung out from the guns of law enforcement and an African-American male lay dead on the ground. We have all seen the violent video that ends with Mr. Walter Scott of South Carolina falling to the ground that would soon become his place of death. We have marched and protested such actions, but now it is time to demand accountability. We must demand that law enforcement and governments that employ them be held to a new level of responsibility. We must demand that new processes and procedures become the antibiotic shot into an infected culture. We can demand this and we must. These incidences are not a new occurrence. What is new is the publicity and attention they have attracted. The new media is bringing into our living rooms and bedrooms the awful secret America has tried to keep hidden. Racism, classism, and culturalism are interlocking oppressions that fuel the violence we witness.

Let us sound the alarm from both pulpit and pew. Let us lift our head and our voice and hold America accountable. Our children are watching and waiting. They are watching our response and waiting for a better world. God has given us the power to make both happen.

Thank you,
Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr.
& the Executive Council Members

To Our Pastors

This winter has been especially brutal. Many of our churches have felt the strain of trying to have service when the elements seemed determined to stop us. Last Sunday our sidewalks were covered with snow and our streets were icy. Churches felt the pinch; yet some weathered the elements just to be in the house of God and share in the experience. Though our coffers are feeling the pinch, let’s not forget it is the experience that so many are seeking.

We constantly hear how Christianity is in trouble, and that people are leaving the church, but these bad weather days have reminded us that people do want to be in church and they do love the Christ who changed their lives. I really believe we are called to advance the Kingdom like never before. Our people really want a vital encounter with the Lord. Sunday is their day to be with the God who changed their lives, and events like these help persons to see how important their worship really is.

God knows the weather has been bad, do not be discouraged, do God’s will and the rest will fall into place. Remember, “Be anxious for nothing, but in prayer…” Don’t let the situation rob you of that promise. We will talk to God.

We are starting the registration for the KACP conference in July. We are looking for busloads from our churches to attend, as we celebrate our years of witness and chart the progress for the future. Our theme this year is “Dreaming Big Dreams,” and we have put together a time that will be rich and rewarding. We want you to arrive in Baltimore on Sunday night, July 19th or Monday morning, July 20th, as events start on Monday morning. There will be a golf classic that morning and then our 10 Year Reflection Reception that evening.Tickets are limited so please register to be in attendance. We will start the seminars on Tuesday morning and I will bring the message that evening. All day Wednesday we will have dynamic sessions for leaders, singers, preachers, pastors, and staff and we will close out that night with powerful preaching. It is really going to be an engaging event, and I am sure you will not want to miss what will transpire. Registration will begin in two weeks.  Let’s bring everybody to the conference. See you soon!

Thank you, 
Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr.
& the Executive Council Members

Greetings KACP,

Many of us who have been in ministry for some time can admit today that it never gets easier. There are challenges and opportunities that come to us each and every day and our aim and prayer is that we serve God’s plan as we tackle them. It seems strange to hear myself speak of forty years of service to the Lord and to the New Psalmist Congregation. I have seen so many changes over these forty years and I have seen ministries wrestle with how to best serve God in these changing times. That issue does not go away. The question seems to loom large and often reminds us that we too need to trust God for the success and effectiveness of this work. KACP is our attempt to encourage one another as we do this work. I have not seen the church or pastor that does not need encouragement. We are seeking to help churches and pastors understand they are not in the struggle alone.

We all are fighting the good fight of faith. To this end we have planned the July KACP Conference to be an awesome time for pastors and their people. We are looking at how to do Church better and how to make things happen in a time when so much works against the Church. This is a major time for our congregations. We want them to sense that God has churches committed to the work of advancing the kingdom and overcoming obstacles. This year’s Conference will provide a unique opportunity to explore creative ways to do ministry regardless of congregational size, budget, location and staffing. Workshops will be designed to open our vision scope regarding how technology can aid your ministry and communicating with, and to the congregation. Also this year’s conference will explore creative and cutting edge ways to share the gospel and of course we will discuss how to finance ministry beyond regular church offerings

We hope to see hundreds make their way to Baltimore July 20-22, 2015 for a major time together. We will have worship at night and sessions during the day that will strengthen each church worker and leader. We are committed to strong churches with strong leadership. Our Conference theme is Dreaming Big Dreams and we hope members will board buses, trains, and airplanes and make their way here. You will be blessed. We will be providing regular Conference updates and registration will begin in February. Now enjoy what God is doing in your life.

Thank you,
Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr.
& the Executive Council Members


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