Kingdom Association of Convenant Pastors

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As we continue to build the organization, it is vital the we build our financial base. There are many programs and projects that we can embark upon if we stand on a strong financial footing. We are launching our website, developing leadership models and seeking to make mentoring by Bishop a centerpiece to our efforts.

We are challenged to define what it means to represent God and how is that made manifest in the world. With so much of the world suffering, we can not afford to be silent.

A new move is beginning. It is seen in those who have recommitted to the agenda of heaven and are willing to make the Kingdom of God their first priority.

In order to do this we need each person's support. Our individual assessment for this year is $300 and we need each person to meet that commitment. Our Bishop and Executive committee are sending up to $500/month to build our treasury, we ask others to also support in this cause. We have great potential, but we must invest in what we believe in. You may send your contributions to:

Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors P. O. Box 26625 Baltimore, Maryland 21207

Join Us
Interested in becoming a part of KACP? Required for membership:

  • Membership Application
  • Preliminary Interview
  • Letters of Recommendation (2)
  • History of the Leader's and Ministry's growth
  • Ministry Vision
  • Statement of Beliefs
  • Copy of Ministry License/Ordiination Certificate
  • Photo of Ministry Leader
  • Annual Membership Fee ($300)


For more details, contact us:
Reverend Anthony Maclin 301-333-9033 or
Bishop Dwayne Debnam 410-747-3417

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