Kingdom Association of Convenant Pastors

Dear Pastors,

So much is happening and the Lord is moving in a powerful way. Easter signals the commencement of a new move of the Spirit calling persons to new life in Christ. It is resurrection season and our mission and message is to speak life and see God raise that which was dead. Easter is not the culmination of the forty-day Lenten season. It is the beginning of a mighty announcement and that announcement is that the kingdom of darkness has been defeated. During these next weeks and months, move your worship to celebration and encourage all worship participants to understand that the marvel of the tomb has created curiosity and it must be matched by authentic worship and empowerment.

We are preparing to carry that same emphasis into the KACP conference in July. All roads are leading that way as we discuss and develop the theme: “Ministry Based on Big Dreams; Loosening the Imagination.” Our team has put together an awesome program and the speakers and presenters will attack this topic from many different angles. We are hoping that all of our churches are represented and that our pastors will make this a priority. We want the members exposed to what is possible and what God is doing throughout the kingdom. Our speakers will include Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III, Bishop Claude R. Alexander, Dr. Cynthia Hale, Dr. Denny Davis, and Pastor Lester McCorn, in addition to myself and others. We will have a KACP mass choir of our various church choir members and the witness will be powerful. We open on Tuesday, July 18 at 5:00 p.m. with a VIP reception for our members and special guests prior to worship. I hope that you will be in attendance. This is one of our two big events each year. We want every member in attendance, along with the leaders and members of their church.

Remember, you can register on the website at We are almost sixty days out, so let’s register now and secure hotel reservations. I look forward to seeing our KACP family all together and in the house, so let’s make it happen.

See you in July.

Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr.
Presiding Prelate